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Ode To Old Azeroth

Ode To Old Azeroth Now that the site has been sitting gathering dust for a nice length of time and everyone has stopped checking it, as initially planned, I can start doing things with it again! And just to add to the insult what I've done isn't another comic, it's a WoW video. I know, I treat you good. Anyway, it's basically just a montage of clips of "vanilla" WoW that I threw together in the style of a much superior BBC advert just as a way of testing the waters of video editing and creation. 26th of October 2010

Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed Well hey, one comic per quarter is enough, right? Seems like the right amount of effort to me. 7th of July 2008

Stalker Review

Stalker Review The Crysis review was popular. More popular than I thought it really deserved to be honest, so I thought I'd leave a good chunk of time before doing another one to try and avoid becoming an internet meme or anything equally distasteful. It also meant I could continue to indulge my World of Warcraft addiction. Anyway, enjoy the review of what seemed to be a game released while still in beta. 28th of April 2008

Crysis Review

Crysis Review I actually did this a month or two back, but since Id only made it for a few forum friends it was just uploaded to a directory that contains all my random junk. However now I have something approaching a real website again I can put stuff like that here. 18th of February 2008


Yeah, okay, so I bit the bullet and made myself what, for lack of a better term, probably classes as a blog. However, due to my general disdain and dislike for blogs and those that blog, this is less of a blog as much as just a convenient way of keeping track of stuff I do. A small, possibly non-existent distinction that is just my way of saying that if I ever use this area to link to a hilarious YouTube video I found, describe my boring life, or to regurgitate any other form of internet meme then I want you to tell me and I'll shut the site down.

Not that it'll be an issue, with luck I'll get bored of it and let it gather dust like every other blog out there. 18th of February 2008